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Metalpic™ is the latest addition to the Picture Playground Group, its mission is the sharing of people’s memories, personal adventures and happy events that are unique moments in time!

It is our view that every great picture is worth printing, or they get lost in time, stay in the cupboard or worst of all never get downloaded and seen. Our Vision is to ensure that memoires are protected for all time and shared. We all know that when we glance or reflect on a memory it creates a great feeling which makes us and others feel fantastic. We want all our customers to benefit from these wonderful feelings!

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What Is a Metalpic™?

Metalpic™ represents a new photo imaging medium for the preservation and sharing of photos, it does this by infusing liquid dyes directly onto specially coated aluminium sheets at 180 degree. This creates a fusion of hot liquid inks and metal which results in the creation of a Unique Metalpic, a photo printed on metal. Your photo or art images will take on a magical luminescence which is uniquely striking and will last forever. We believe that you've never seen a more brilliant and impressive metal print. The colours are vibrant, and the luminescence is breath taking; to the touch it feels like a ceramic solid stone feel and on the reverse side a sheet of aluminium, they can be framed with metal frames and have a rage for hanging options suitable for galleries.

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Designers, Artist & Photographers.

Metalpic™ are now offering a super cool service for Designers, Artist & Photography students who are now able to get Metalpic’s™ with a special discount of up to 50%.


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A Unique Metalpic Experience

Our Metalpic™ Prints are all about vibrant colours and deep contrast with a high gloss coated finish. The high contrast makes any image look bolder and its inherent sharpness brings out detail incredibly well.

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Totally Cool, But...

We believe that every photo should be printed and shared… Have you ever thought of the reasons to buy your own photo printed on a Metalpic™?

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Collections Go Live!

You can now shop entire collection, just click on collections and you will be presented with a range of bespoke templates that will allow you to bring together, in one space, all your different pictures and sizes automatically. This allow you to see which pictures look great together and what size fits best. You can also create your own storage space allowing you to come back and finish your collection later. Once complete all your pictures and options will be produced, packed and delivered directly to your door ready for placement.

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