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Metalpic™ is the latest addition to the Picture Playground Group, its mission is the sharing of people’s memories, personal adventures and happy events that are unique moments in time! It is our view that every great picture is worth printing, or they get lost in time, stay in the cupboard or worst of all never get downloaded and seen. Our Vision is to ensure that memories are protected for all time and shared. We all know that when we glance or reflect on a memory it creates a great feeling which makes us and others feel fantastic. We want all our customers to benefit from these wonderful feelings! 

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    Our business customers benefit from attractive price discounts for contracted quantity, we also offer volume discount programs.

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    Have questions or enquiries? Our team will be more than happy to assist you! Don’t waste time - just ask, we are here to help. Alternatively you could visit our state-of-the-art imaging printing technology centre situated in Kent in the UK or send us an email with your requirements: 

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    Customer loyalty is important to us so where possible, we will put you directly through to an expert and an account handler/manager who is familiar with your business technical requirements and order history.

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