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Upload Your Photo Quick & Easy With Quick Shop

Simply slect your size and start creating your very own metal print, just find your perfect photo and begin turning it into beautiful unique Metalpic. Once you have selected your size add your photos and artwork by pressing the upload button, then add your custom finishing options within the online store editor thus creating your own perfect masterpiece. We believe that you've never seen a more brilliant and impressive metal print. Standard, next day and international deliveries available at checkout.

Metal Photo Print

Our liquid inks fuse with hot metal delivering a surreal HD vivid colour print that is simply stunning to the eye.

Indoor & Outdoor

Metal prints are fade resistant, very durable and water resistant making them perfect for any environment.


Easy to transport and present. Easy to hang and ideal for galleries, homes, retail, events and corporate spaces.

Sustainable Resource

Top grade aluminium delivering high-end quality and overall product finish. Which is 100% recyclable.

Easy to Clean

Surfaces are chemical resistant and can be cleaned with ammonia and all-purpose cleaners.

Individually Unique

Liquid inks and hot metal chemically fuse releasing an amazing colour spectrum that’s vibrancy once cooled looks alive.

Choice of frames

Metal frames enhance and project different gallery options making prints the centre piece of any display.

Metal Prints deliver HD high definition, outstanding quality and long-lasting.
Custom photos printed on metal!


This contemporary piece has never looked more alive! When you transfer a photo to metal, it revamps the entire image, adding vibrant colour bursts everywhere and making it appear more realistic. It simply looks surreal becoming the focal point of any room. You can complement our metal print with optional extras in our store editor, some of which are displayed below.

Your Metalpic is very resilient and can be washed and wiped in the event that it was splashed. Metalpic have invested their time in perfecting the art of creating a durable, vibrant, sustainable product that is now enjoyed by people and businesses worldwide.

We print with Dye sublimation transfer which protects your photos from external influences whilst also offering a range of finishing enhancements.

1. Direct finishing techniques for full UV protection.
2. Transparent Gloss finish.
3. Metalpic Is the UK’s original leading Liquid Metal Printer.
4. Shipping your metal print is secure and all packaging is made to measure.

Easy to Hang on Your Wall
with Gallery Sub-Frames for Larger Prints

Every Metalpic comes with a standard hanging option for deployment straight onto your wall.

Please note that the gallery display option is available for selection via the extras section at image upload.

Packaging and Shipping Your Photo Print On Metal:
Is Secure and Made to Measure

Gifts for your Bestie!

As a gift, we believe that you've never see a more brilliant and impressive metal print with amazing contrast and colour. Your photos printed on metal with its distinctive texture and contemporary look and feel is a real winner. The visible metal is totally individual and unique. Before we print your photographs or art, the metal is cut to size and shape. Our unique printing process means that photographic and artwork reproduction is simply stunning and environmentally sustainable. If you are not sure what will work best for your photo, then call us today or visit our photo gallery in Kent for one-to-one advice from people who love imagery.

Finishing Options

Our metal print colours are vibrant, and the luminescence is breath taking; to the touch it feels like a ceramic solid stone and on the reverse side a sheet of aluminium, they can be framed and are offered with a rage of hanging options suitable for your home and galleries. These are complimented by a personalised custom extra within our store editor, such as text inserts, resin by request, and enhanced retouching delivering a high definition (HD) photographic finish. We also offer bespoke framing to enhance your Metalpic. If you are not sure what will work best for your photo, then call us today or visit our photo gallery in Kent for one-to-one advice from people who love imagery.

A Unique Process

Metalpic™ represents a new photo imaging medium for the preservation and sharing of photos, it does this by infusing liquid dyes directly onto specially coated aluminium sheets at 190 degree. This creates a fusion of hot liquid inks and metal which results in the creation of a unique Metalpic, a photo printed on metal. Your photo or art images will take on a magical luminescence which is uniquely striking and will last forever. We believe that you've never seen a more brilliant and impressive metal print with amazing contrast. Digitally printed photos and artwork on metal are a real head turner

How it all started…

Metalpic™ is the latest addition to the Picture Playground Group created and started by Louise, its mission is the sharing of people’s memories, personal adventures and happy events that are unique moments in time! It is our view that every great picture is worth printing, or they get lost in time, stay in the cupboard or worst of all never get downloaded or seen.

Our Vision is to ensure that memoires are protected for all time and shared…


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