About Us

We are Metalpic

We are as unique as the metal on which we capture your memories and as individual as your images and art that inspires you. Formed in 2014 we are family business that is passionate about imagery and preserving memories. You can now see for yourself how great our products are and the care and attention that is undertaken to produce each individual Metalpic. Check out our Metalpic Video intro “Welcome to Metalpic” to see how much love care and attention goes into every Metalpic created especially for you! 

Printing photographic images and fine art directly onto sustainably farmed metal, produces personalised and distinctive works of art for friends, the home, for the office and for retail use such as restaurants and bars. We’re young, we’re new, we’re as enthusiastic about our product as you will be and we’re taking the country by storm. By imprinting ink directly into the grain of the metal and working with professional photographers and artists, we deliver more than a great product – we create individual masterpieces.

30cm x 20cm metal print with image of forest explorer
30cm x 20cm portrait metal print with image of forest explorer with get creative tag line

Professionalism, creativity and innovation are key in every stage of our production process. 

Three simple clicks are all it takes to create your own custom Metalpic: choose the size, upload your image, purchase the product. You can also select from a range of popular extras such as varnishing, framing and gift wrapping for that perfect present. Metalpic Wall art provides a range of images as wide as your imagination, we have a huge library of modern and classic photo & art available for you to browse and choose from. There is a wide choice of sizes supporting stunning photography and classic images! We offer single prints, collections, multi panel & montage options. Once you have made your choice, we select the sustainably farmed Birchmetal and, using the process we have refined, we fuse the printed image with the natural grain of the metal. 

We are obsessed with great customer service and continuously
strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

A unique marriage of art and nature

The result is a memory that will last a lifetime, an image that lives in the metal and is incredibly durable.  Now you know what we are about, all that remains is for us to package it and dispatch it to you. Whenever and wherever you want your Metalpic, whether it’s décor for your home, a fabulous gift for a friend or artwork that brightens an office or workspace, three clicks is all it takes. Metalpic, where art and nature fuse to engrain memories! Every Metalpic is hand crafted by our professional team who combine your design with their eye for detail to ensure an original personalised and stylish work of art everytime. We hope you enjoy your Metalpic experience.

75cm x 50cm portrait metal print in frame, with family in wooden swing